Due to the met weather warning on Sunday we have made the decision to alter the format for Sunday.
1. Anyone disinclined to run will be deferred to next year.
2. All runners will be started before 9am. As soon as we can get you away.
3. No 50k. Sorry.
4. The marathon route will now be 2 laps of the half route.
5. The 18mile route will be a lap of the 10k plus a lap of the half.
6. All runners must be finished by 1pm, second laps must be started before 10:30am.
You can make your decision on route distance at any point on Sunday.
We hope you understand and we feel this is the most sensible choice given the forecast.




Lower Playground


Marriots School

Brittain Way



Use the Brittain Way access. There is NO ACCESS from Telford Avenue.


Start Times


We will be aiming to get the Marathon and 18mile registrations done first and away as soon as possible.


We cannot get into the school before 7:00 so please bear with us, we will work as quickly as possible to open registration. Once we have the first small group of people registered we will give a short safety briefing and send you out in small batches at short intervals.


7:00 School opens. Bear with us while we set up. Toilets will be available.
7:15 Registration will open. Please form 2 queues; Marathon/18mile, Half/10k. Marathon/
18mile will be given priority.
7:30 First runner briefing and start.
Briefings will then be every 10 minutes. Runners can leave at any point once they've been briefed. Briefings will include important information updates. Ensure you have registered your start time with the start marshall, the event is manually timed.
8:00 First 10k runners leave.
Both CPs open.
9:00 Last runner starts.
10:00 10k CP closes and moves to Datchworth Church for 2nd Lap Marathon runners.



On the day Entry


We are taking entries on the day but limited to 250 entries in total.  No cash please online only.



Checkpoints will be at Watton at Stone (half) and Aston Ford (10k)


There will be a varity of snacks and sweets, water and squash.




This is fully self guided event. There are no direction arrows on the course. You MUST download a copy of your own directions and bring them with you. We WILL NOT be providing copies. The written directions are complehensive and checked in the weeks before. The GPX files are provided as is and we take no responisbility for inaccuracies or errors.


Do not rely on following other competiors. If you get lost, retrace your steps. In a medical emergency call the emergency number printed on the instructions.


We make every endeavour to ensure a safe event but we take the opportunity to remind you of the hazards of running in the countryside, such as wild animals, traffic, uneven ground, fences, roots and tree branches. By entering this event you have accepted that trail running is a hazardous activity. 



Please ensure you drop out at a checkpoint and make sure they are aware. If this is not possible please call the emergency number and let us know. Every year we have one or two people who leave without telling us and this impacts the event safety and organisation.


We will endeaver to transport you back to base at our convienince. You are advised to try and make your own arrangements.



You must carry your own cups or water containers. No bottles will be provided.


These can be refilled at the Checkpoints.



If you wish to change distance please just turn up at the appropriate time for your new distance and inform registration of your intention.



First aid will be provided on the day by a proffessional team. This will take the form of First Aiders at base with a vehicle.



The event is manually timed you must check in with the finish marshall in order for your time to be recorded. This is an event and a chalenge, not a chip timed race.


All participants must be finished by 13:00. This is for the safety of you, your fellow competitors, marshalls.